Black Devil Bee Boop

directed by Antonis Katsoris

"Beeboop inspired me with its unique combination of styles. It's a track very much open to interpretation with a mysterious, futuristic sound that's almost childlike in its innocence. The concept and storyline came from improvisation, an attempt to capture a feeling of complete freedom that I found in the music." Antonis Katsoris

"The re-emergence of Parisian artist Bernad Fevre (a.k.a. Black Devil Disco Club) was a welcome surprise, as the veteran producer's refined ability to inject dark, driving house tunes with a playful touch has been missed for quite some time. The new video for "Bee Boop," a track taken from the man's upcoming Black Moon White Sun LP, manages to capture a similar feeling, combining an array of psychedelic imagery that hints at something much more sinister underneath its surface. Director Antonis Katsoris uses a tapestry of non-sequitur symbols—a floating horse head, a colorful spaceship control center, modular synthesizers, and modern cityscapes—to not only disorient the viewer, but to mirror the dichotomy at play in Black Devil Disco Club's foreboding yet whimsical "Bee Boop."" in RLR8R

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