Arctic space do 3

8th August

Astronauts in Orbit

Acclaimed Arctic Circle music promoter present Space in this Place – an immersive evening of space themed sounds which will permeate the twisting red steel structure. At 76m and 80m high, the two observation decks will be transformed in an incredible outpost of new music and musicians with influences ranging from Solaris to Sun Ra. It’s a perfect setting for Ninja Tune’s DJ Food who was last seen performing his album The Search Engine at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. More live music will come courtesy of the cascading, creaking acoustic guitar, bleeps and breathy vocal harmonies of Astronauts and synth-folk drone-ballad band Transept. Not forgetting Manchester’s one man cosmic construct Paddy Steer who welcomes you to the event at ground control. All this whilst enjoying mesmerising views as the summer sun sets across London. Drinks and light meals will be freshly cooked and available on the night.Get Tickets Here