‘Ceephax Acid Crew is a British acid techno and drum and bass electronic musician named Andy Jenkinson. Jenkinson is also known simply by the pseudonym Ceephax, which is a pun on the BBC teletext service Ceefax. He is the brother of Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson)


Ceephax’s music from 1997 to 2002 and beyond used mainly vintage (especially Roland) drum machines and synthesizers such as the TB-303. This music was often recorded onto a cassette tape deck.


The music was released on vinyl records and cassette tape on underground labels such as Breakin’ Records, Lo Recordings and Firstcask.


This primitive Acid House aesthetic and methodology countered the growing popularity of the computer music and compact disc releases of the time.


Ceephax is popular amongst some electronic music fans for his live performances. Ceephax’s shows are set apart from the popular Laptop style of “live” electronic performance by exclusively using only analogue and early digital equipment and occasionally an Amiga computer. These sets range from old school house, acid house, techno, drum and bass and gabber all in Ceephax’s distinctive style.’  in Wikipedia